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How do you calculate web design pricing?

Web design pricing can be sometimes a little bit tricky to calculate without a bit of extra information. Costs are usually uniquely calculated by each design firm and are dependent upon the intricacies of the finished project. FuelFX takes into consideration the amount of time its team will spend designing, creating, and testing each site when coming up with a fair and accurate price quote.

Intricate projects that include multimedia Flash animations, client relationship management (CRM) tools, content management systems (CMS), matching mobile applications, private customer portals, and/or intense graphic design will cost more than a basic e-commerce storefront website. Thankfully, FuelFX offers web design solutions for all budget types and company sizes, including small businesses and corporations.

How do you compare web design pricing?

Comparing pricing for web design in Houston and with other firms around the country is simple. It is important to make sure each quote received accurately reflects all the services and options being used as part of the project. Simple websites will take less man hours to create, thus costing far less. Those with 3D animation, immersive media, Flash multimedia, inventory tracking, intense graphic design, CMS (content management systems), coordinating mobile applications, e-learning portals, and/or other advanced concepts will cost more.

It is also important to note that just because a web design firm offers a lower price does not mean they are the best choice for a project. Asking for examples of past projects and viewing them is an important part of comparing companies. Most reputable firms will be able to provide samples and referrals from past clients without any hesitation.

What is the web design pricing for my project?

This is an incredibly broad question that can only be answered after speaking with a representative from a web design firm. However, there are a couple of steps that can be taken to help make the pricing process as smooth as possible.

Determining a budget for your web design project is a vital step that should be taken. Before contacting web design firms, make sure to know how intricate the finished project should be and how much can be afforded for services. If this isn't determined yet, schedule a consultation with one firm to determine what elements a projects would require to meet your ultimate vision. Once each of these are known, contact several web design companies and ask for quotes regarding your project.

FuelFX offers corporate web design, augmented reality tools, mobile app creation, computer-generated imaging, 3D animation, video production, graphic design services, digital media kits, search engine optimization, and a whole lot more for businesses in the Houston, Texas area. Contact FuelFX today for a fair and accurate price quote.

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  • FuelFX offers quality corporate and small business web design solutions for a wide range of budgets.
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  • FuelFX provides fair and accurate price quotes for any business interested in web design services.


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