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Where can I find high quality 3D animation in Houston?

Finding a company that offers 3D animation in Houston is not difficult. However, not all firms in Texas or across the nation offer the same amount of quality or expertise. FuelFX's team includes a talented group of animators and development experts knowledgeable about a wide variety of medical, high-tech, and oil and gas 3D animation techniques and concepts. They have helped dozens of firms complete creative media projects including technical illustrations, interactive media, video production, graphic design, augmented reality concepts, mobile learning platforms, e-learning programs, and much more.

FuelFX is also highly skilled at creating unique and innovative 3D animations of oil rig platforms, pipeline simulations, and drilling techniques, helpful for investor meetings, and worker training aids. FuelFX handles all aspects of the project including creative/discovery, mockup/pitch, design/development, testing, and final approval.

What company offers 3D animation in Houston?

FuelFX offers animation and CGI in Houston. Its main client group includes firms in the high-tech, medical, and oil and gas industries. These animations are often used for visual presentations, augmented reality applications, web design, e-learning environments, corporate meetings, trade show videos, and more.

FuelFX can also help with visual print marketing, product image rendering, graphic design, software development, web design, mobile applications, e-learning environments, banner design, web marketing, data visualizations, 3D simulations, video production, and many other computer-generated image applications, both still and animated. It is also considered a leader in augmented reality development, helping firms create new and exciting smartphone, tablet, web, and computer apps.

Who offers the best 3D animation in Houston?

While there are many different animation and design firms in Texas and across the globe, few have the same level of expertise as FuelFX does. FuelFX offers some of the most innovative and best animation and computer-generated imagery in Houston. Its team includes experts in the oil and gas industry, which allows FuelFX to create realistic and accurate depictions of highly complicated industry equipment and concepts that can be used in investor meetings and worker training programs. 3D animation projects created by FuelFX's team include rig platform models, pipeline simulations, environmental process demonstrations, and drilling technique simulations. Augmented reality designs for worker training and platform maintenance are also available.

FuelFX is a full service computer-generated animation and graphics design firm in Houston, Texas. Its main focus is high-tech, medical, and oil and gas imagery, but is able to create designs for a wide range of applications and fields. FuelFX also offers corporate web design, graphic design, press releases, mobile applications, e-learning platforms, and much more to tie it all seamlessly together. For more information on FuelFX's full range of services, please contact them directly today.

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  • FuelFX offers 3D animation services for firms in the medical, high-tech, and oil and gas industries.
  • FuelFX's computer-generated images can be used in both video presentations and still image format.
  • The team at FuelFX is highly knowledgable about a wide range of industries, including medical and oil and gas.
  • FuelFX is a highly innovative animation firm based in Houston, Texas.


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