Interactive 3D Touchscreens

Interactive 3D Tradeshow Touchscreens

FuelFX specializes in developing fully immersive 3D large touch screen applications. These presentation solutions are highly impactful at tradeshows, courtrooms and other presentation events.

In addition to the typical features and 3D immersive experience you’d expect to find in a high-end large format 3D touchscreen we provide several unique advanced features with our solution.


  • Large format touchscreens with virtual kiosks (allowing for multiple users to have a simultaneous interactive experience)
  • Touch screens backed by client modifiable content management systems or CMS (so that you can quickly swap out key media or text without the need of going through your vender)
  • Dynamic localization and multilingual capabilities
  • Integration with augmented reality enabled brochure print collateral (for a seamless digital experience and viral marketing)
  • User discovery tools, calculators and experience capturing (for customized user experience that allows you to capture user information for follow-up)

FuelTouch: Interactive Sales App + Touchscreen Framework

FuelTouch is an interactive software platform that allows you to create compelling interactive 3D presentations for use on mobile apps and large tradeshow touchscreens. The presentations are linked to online content management systems allowing you to quickly update or modify embedded media and copy. The software also comes with a product discovery tool that allows users to hone in on the right product for their use case.

This new app software was designed with sales and trade shows in mind, and the unique situations or problems that arise in these environments. The same app can be deployed on any device, whether you need to show off your products on a giant touchscreen at a convention or you need to go over your digital spec sheets one-on-one. This discovery tool can pull together all of your data sheets, videos, catalogues, business contacts, web content. You can even use it internally for prototype marketing testing, geofencing access to specific physical sites for security.  

With FuelTouch’s real time cloud-based data syncing, you can add media on your device and have that new information deployed on your app out in the field, so your sales force has the very latest information at their fingertips. This technology is LMS compatible, SCORM compliant, and reaches across multiple platforms and operating systems. You can incorporate your augmented reality (AR) to show, rather than just tell, your customer why your products or services are so valuable. Salesmen can display your multimedia, PowerPoint presentations, and digital brochures in conference rooms or the aisles of a trade show. 

Our proprietary sales app software is the sales solution you’ve been waiting for. As the leading multimedia provider in Houston, we offer the full suite of multimedia services, from web development design, video production, app and software development to branding and marketing campaigns.

Product Features + Technical Specifications

1. Optional Access control
2. Geofencing for localization and additional security
3. Fully interactive 3D products and environments
4. User updatable media and document library
5. Step-by-step discovery tool, questionnaire helps people hone in on the right solution
6. Response forms send data back to sales based on discovery tool or users request for more info


Below is a selection of variety, scope, and breadth of our 3D touchscreens and software development work. Many of our more advanced pieces detail proprietary or restricted technical information and can not be shown due to non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia technology capabilities for your project.

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