3D Simulations + Virtual Reality (VR)

3D Simulations: Virtualize Technical Processes & Procedures

Whether you are simulating a technological process or virtualizing an on-the-job task, computer simulation is an increasingly valuable research and eLearning tool. 3D simulations allow you to recreate lifelike experiences, imitate technology and processes, and model the physics and environmental factors of a situation. These are just a few of the ways they can advance your business:

  • Model new processes before implementation to decrease costs.
  • Optimize technology design and deployment.
  • Create immersive training simulations.

Cost-Effective, Real-World Practice Simulations for Training

As a learning tool in the oil and gas industry, 3D simulations provide risk-free practice opportunities that greatly increase learners’ performance on complex procedures in the field. Employees make better decisions and perform better on competency tests after experiencing simulated real-life scenarios in which they can practice, and even fail, without risk. Another benefit is that geographically remote employees can gain highly effective practice in comparable scenarios without the costs of synchronous classroom training.

FuelFX Leads the Way in 3D Simulations and Virtual Reality for Oil and Gas

At FuelFX, our technical team of designers and programmers work with you to produce accurate, dynamic and innovative simulations that engage and provide insight like no other form of marketing or training. Our 3D simulations can be deployed independently or as one part of a larger business software or eLearning solution integrated into an LMS system. They can also be delivered as immersive, first-person virtual reality experiences with multi-user functionality.

FuelFX has become a trusted partner to the oil and gas industry in presenting complex engineering issues and technical concepts. This in-depth industry experience combined with our diverse team of communication specialists and technical programmers gives us a unique and powerful capability to develop simulations with huge impact and results.


  • FuelFX specializes in 3D simulations and training
  • Specialize in energy and industrial solutions
  • Employs the largest industrial 3D graphics team in the world
  • Leverages proprietary virtual and augmented reality frameworks
  • Trusted partner to the oil and gas industry in presenting technical concepts



Below is a selection of variety, scope, and breadth of our mobile applications and software development work. Many of our more advanced pieces detail proprietary or restricted technical information and can not be shown due to non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia technology capabilities for your project.

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