A World of Possibilities in Houston-Based E-Learning Solutions

Today’s business operations are moving faster than ever—especially in the energy and high-tech fields—and decision makers and stakeholders must be able to transfer operational knowledge amid growing experience gaps, evolving technology, tighter profit margins, and ever-stricter standards. Develop and deploy e-learning and other training assets, and you will gain a critical business advantage.

Our e-learning does much more than simply convey information in a static digital context. FuelFX’s expert team of instructional designers and e-learning developers incorporate engaging interactions featuring 3D animations, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality simulations. The result is a dynamic, intuitive, and immersive e-learning environment that encourages critical thinking and promotes retention. We can also help you create just the right deployment solution, ranging from individualized learning portals and blended classroom and e-learning curricula, to just-in-time mobile apps and heads-up displays.

FuelFX Houston E-Learning Team Benefits

  • Comprehensive end-to-end services for multimodal training
  • The largest industrial 3D graphics team in the world
  • Proprietary virtual and augmented reality frameworks
  • Training extended into operational intelligence with electronic procedure apps

FuelFX Houston E-Learning Team Services

  • Curriculum consulting
  • Custom eLearning development
  • xAPI LMS hosting and delivery
  • Corporate Learning portals
  • CBT (computer-based training)
  • WBT (web-based training)
  • Mobile training
  • Simulations
  • Instructor-led course materials


Below is a selection of variety, scope, and breadth of our e-learning work. Many of our more advanced pieces detail proprietary or restricted technical information and can not be shown due to non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia technology capabilities for your project.

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