While 2013 was certainly exciting for web design in Houston, this year has many more exciting trends. Here are three of the most popular website elements and why you should talk to your design team about incorporating them.

#1: Intensely Focused Landing Pages

The era of busy landing pages with an abundance of business information is over. Instead, many firms that handle web design in Houston are focusing on intensely focused designs that feature a basic statement about the company, a single photo, and the most important facts first. A good way to think of it is as though it were the "Cliff Notes" version of your business information—all the substance with none of the hype. Visitors are also able to click on a single link that will take them to a traditional version of the website, providing them with more in-depth information.

#2: Search Bars That Expand

Forget the days of search bars that take up an unsightly amount of space on the screen. Instead, many web designers are opting to use designs that expand when clicked on or hovered over. Not only are these styles much more visually pleasing, they also provide you with more room to get the overall message of your business out.

#3: Grid-Style Layouts

The grid-style layout was a popular choice in 2013—and expected to expand in 2014. While this type of layout is usually common to social media websites (think Pinterest) it is gaining popularity with businesses who like their message to be edgy and attractive to visitors. Another positive to this type of style is that it lends a natural organization and navigation element to the page without having to add too many additional functions.

Of course, hiring a company that handles web design in Houston is the most efficient way to incorporate all of these trends within your site. At FuelFX, we understand that your overall online presence is dependent on a layout and features that are cutting edge and visually pleasing. Our team of designers, artists, and staff will work hard to ensure you have the most innovative and unique website in your industry for 2014.

To learn more about what augmented reality companies and web design firms do, please contact our creative and professional team at FuelFX now.

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