Web Design in Houston - Use of the Infinite Scroll Website

One of the hottest trends in web design in Houston is the infinite scroll website. Although it might not be widely recognizable by name, we are sure you've seen it in action. Websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others have all incorporated this unique design element that often eliminates the need for pagination.

But, what makes infinite scrolling so popular when it comes to those looking for web design in Houston? Here are three great reasons.

#1: A Unique User Experience

Some of the most awe-inspiring infinite scroll websites include multiple backgrounds or other illustrations to create somewhat of a 3D-image effect. This allows the user to take in a stunning visual design while learning about your firm, the products you offer, and the services you provide. (After all, the more captivated a website visitor is, the higher the chance they will be willing to use your company when the time comes.)

#2: No Need for Navigation

One of the most popular benefits to an infinite scrolling web page is that there is no need for annoying navigation bars and/or linkage. The page automatically loads as the viewer swipes or scrolls in a particular direction. This is exceptionally helpful for anyone who is looking at your website on a smartphone or tablet device.

#3: Better Viewing of Certain Aspects

When we say that pages with infinite scrolling have better viewing of certain aspects, we are talking about content. By controlling the order in which information presents itself in the infinite scrolling of your website, you make sure that website visitors see the most important text when you want them to see it. No more hoping that a certain bit of information would be conveyed to your site visitor during their navigation of your page--it is all laid out right there in front of them organically.

However, not all websites are good candidates for infinite scrolling designs. Catalogs and online retailers, for example, often have too much content for the page to be worthwhile. Never fear, though! Our creative team at FuelFX can help you with any type of web design in Houston, including infinite scroll and traditional website styles.

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