Four Unique Ways Elearning Providers Can Utilize Augmented Reality Applications

Many elearning providers are trying to decide how to increase participation in their programs. Thankfully, there is an exciting new technology that can help online schools create fun and innovative lessons that are sure to engage students, both young and old.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a type of program that allows users to open an application in a tablet or smartphone, point it at a particular object, take a photo, and instantly find out information about that item directly on the screen.

How Can Elearning Providers Use Augmented Reality Technology?

While there are many different ways that elearning providers can utilize augmented reality technology, these four instances are just basic examples.

#1: Immediate Lessons

Elearning providers know that the hardest part for distance learning students to grasp is transitioning from a background of traditional classroom lessons to a self-paced one. With augmented reality, the potential for students to start an interactive lesson by pointing a smartphone or tablet device at a book, chapter, or other item is possible.

An example of this could be for a high-level mathematics course. Augmented reality could allow a student to position a device at a problem he or she was struggling with. The augmented reality app would then start a pre-recorded teaching demonstration of how to complete the problem.

#2: Interactive Field Trips

Interactive field trips are another great way online education platforms can utilize augmented reality technology in a manner that engages students. In fact, many museums throughout the world are starting to include AR tours and applications as part of their visitor offerings.

An example of an interactive field trip could include a student walking through a local art museum. When he or she gets to a specific painting, the augmented reality app could be utilized, revealing information about the artists immediately on the screen.

#3:Technical Courses

Students who are utilizing an online course to learn a highly technical concept, such as those in the healthcare field, would greatly benefit from the use of augmented reality technology. AR applications often allow users to point their tablet or smartphone at a particular object, take a photo, and view an entire training and/or maintenance manual for the device.

#4: Taking Virtual Tours

Augmented reality is also helping online students visualize concepts that were once just words in the pages of textbooks.

One really good example of this is historic accounts. Instead of imagining how George Washington looked commanding his troops during the Revolutionary War or what it would have been like to be present in ancient Rome, students are able to use augmented reality technology to envision this.

While these four examples aren't the only ways augmented reality technology can be used, they are certainly a starting off point to determine how it can help students. For more information on augmented reality and custom web application development, please contact FuelFX today.